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Tibetan Meditation Masterclass

Concentration Training

Faculty: Daniel P. Brown Ph.D.

The best of Indo-Tibetan meditation practices to improve your concentration skills and resist distractions from negative emotional states.

What You'll Learn:

  • Pinpoint the stages and tools of concentration training.
  • Optimize your body posture in meditation.
  • Distinguish between the ordinary and extraordinary meditation styles. 
  • Direct your attention and focus on a meditation object.
  • Develop strong metacognitive skills and use those to evaluate and improve your concentration.
  • Detect fleeting thoughts during meditation and let go of them before you lose yourself in elaborate daydreams.
  • Prevent and overcome drowsiness and agitation during meditation.
  • Explain the ingredients of spiritual growth in Buddhism; identify and practice cultivating the ones you are missing in your life.
  • Master the nine stages of concentration (the Elephant Path). 

Because You Deserve to Take Control of Your Mind and Reduce Stress & Anxiety

What You'll Get:

✅ Over 10 Hours of Self-Paced Video Lectures

✅ 11 Powerful Guided Meditations

✅ 139 Page Workbook

✅ Access to one of World's Top Psychology & Meditation Expert's Teachings.

✅ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee